With most of us living our lives online via the phone in our pocket, no longer is it a private life but a very public one. The distinction between what is our private space and the public domain has become disputed ground. Our private lives that were once confined to our immediate physical space, whether that was the home or a chat amongst friends in a bar, have now extended. Our private spaces now overlap and are shared with others online[1], our chats with friends exist across the globe and back again, online content penetrates our home, where many of (more)

Across film, television and literature, from Minas Tirith via Gotham to Neo Tokyo, we've been carefully shepherded - like tourists to North Korea - through a great number of fictional cities. This is even before taking into account the extrapolation, contortion and parody of real locations (Ghostbusters II New York, Lock Stock's East London, Police Academy 7's Moscow)...

The Play Agency is looking for new recruits; families in Southwark and Lambeth are being enlisted to help share ideas for play. Explore, invent or play, then share your ideas with other agents and get families in the boroughs playing more.

With uptake and visibility being two of the biggest challenges facing emerging networks, the postal service has units everywhere. Britain is covered with red, logically numbered and strategically situated boxes. Each one individually identifiable using an alpha-numeric sequence printed on the front. It's a system ready for re-appropriation.

We’ve talked a lot recently about changing peoples relationships with street furniture, but does it really matter whether people notice bus stops and bins? The Hello Lamp Post project is often rightly talked about in the context of the Internet of Things, and as we said the other day it’s hard to imagine working as a designer at this moment and not thinking about objects with embedded networks and systems, whether that’s glance-able communication in lamps or a domestic operating system. The internet of things is a term for objects that are the visible part of a wider network.

We've now had around 12,000 player messages come through on Hello Lamp Post. The website randomly cycles approved questions and answers, but we thought it might be interesting for you to see what our favourite things are that people are saying...

The first week of Hello Lamp Post (15-21st July) is complete and we thought it might be interesting to summarise how it went. Players initiated just shy of 2300 conversations with their objects. This amounted to 5221 player SMS messages sent.

In June, TEDx: Hamburg invited speakers to present ideas on the theme of City 2.0 - the future of urban living and what society can do to transform our cities. Here are my thoughts on the experiential potential of future city centres.

A thoroughly enjoyable 6 months of work culminated yesterday in a high-tea fuelled launch on College Green. The first conversations with Bristol's street furniture were held in a marquee in front of City Hall.

This week we've put up the holding page for Hello Lamp Post and as the counter tells you, we're less than a month from launch. We thought it would be worth talking about what we've been up to and what we've been finding out.

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