Creative Technologist

We are looking for someone to join the team as developer and technologist. We’re interested in hearing from anyone with a deep knowledge of code and a passion for development. Recently we have worked with Ruby, Java, Objective C, Python, Arduino and HTML5. More than already having experience with a wide range of technologies, we see the most important thing for any team member being the understanding of the technology landscape and the enthusiasm to learn. Ideally you’ll be able to quickly iterate and prototype ideas in code.

Aside from a thorough knowledge of technology, we also look for people who are able to work well with designers, artists, performers and other creative disciplines. The ability to see your work in wider context and understand the objectives add to the quality of the projects and the culture in the studio.

Most of all we believe in doing good work, having a shared ownership of the projects and solving problems together, so we’re looking for someone who wants to be part of the team and make the work we all do as rewarding and successful as possible. We’re a small team so make a lot of decisions together.

We’re looking to meet people of all experience levels, and you’ll be working as part of a creative and technical team, so although relevant examples of deployed code would be a expected, do get in touch if you feel you would be otherwise well suited to the role.

For more information or to send us examples of your work/a c.v please email Ben. This is a London based role, we’re not currently looking for remote working candidates. We are also not looking to hear from recruiters at this stage, but thanks for reading.