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Ben Barker

11th July 2012

The Podcast:


In this second podcast we talk with Isabel Christie, a neuroscientist, about memory creation and recollection. We ask:

Without memory, or the ability to recall it, is there any value in experience?
Can you be something other than the collection of memories that you have?
Are memory and sentience the same thing?

As we say, Pan exists to explore what value we as humans find in experience. We understand that the transformative quality of experiences define us as humans and constitute the major part of what makes a life. In exploring memory, we hope to better understand the role of memory recall in valuing experiences.

Oh, and the image above is of a synapse, the connection between two neurons in the brain. The strengthening and weakening of these synapses is called synaptic plasticity and it is understood that a vast network of these connections is what represents memory.

Here’s the direct link to the file: Memory Podcast