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The Secret Room

The Secret Room

A building learns to feel, play with its emotions and change its mood

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Play with the Emotions of a building

The Secret Room was on the forth floor of La Gaîté Lyrique, a newly restored Parisian Museum. Inside it was a computer that controlled the lighting, audio and displays through out the museum. However the computer was a mass of cables and ducting, exploding from the ceiling cavity. To control the computer you had to reach into the cables and feel for the waxy heart. Pull cables, squeeze buttons, try to calm the building, or make it angrier.

As part of Joue le Jeu,  Hide and Seek tasked us with designing the building’s heart. This was the place where selected successful players of The Building Is… games would be summoned to change the emotion of the building. Hidden away on the forth floor, players had to be inquisitive to find it, keen to know the building better.