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Advent Calendars

Advent Calendars

Christmas dissected in advent calendar form using festive films and sandwiches

Over December 2011 and 2012 we launched This Is Why You’re Festive, and The Santa Scores advent calendars that explored christmas themes and attempted to find a language with which to review their festive qualities.

This is Why You’re Festive was a high-street sandwich review blog. The project lead on from some exploration we’d been doing into experience and food. The premise was as follows:
“…For the grown adult sans offspring, the wonder and nostalgia of a childhood Christmas really only lives on through the tastes, sights and smells of a decent Christmas Dinner – a magical combination of sausages wrapped in bacon, cheese wrapped in bacon, roasties, sprouts and turkey.
Many supermarkets, coffee franchises and fast food establishments have cottoned on to this gustatory link to the past and have attempted to commodify it, portioning out festive joy in the form of pre-packaged, mayonnaise saturated turkey sandwiches.
Which begs the question: which off-the-shelf festive foodstuff best conjures up an authentic and sincere *Christmassy* feeling?”

We took the same exploratory approach for our subsequent film reviews advent calendar, The Santa Scores.